I’m a senior patient with degenerative discs, kyphosis osteoporosis, anxiety and depression. I met Dr. Shutt when I moved to Florida in 2014. I was in severe pain from the move and couldn’t stand, sit or lay comfortably. Dr. Shutt listened to me and my body. She treated me and after a few sessions I was greatly improved. I’ve been treated by several chiropractors in different states for many years. Dr. Shutt’s gentle and caring treatment has achieved the best results. Her massage and stretching techniques before the adjustment actually make the adjustments comfortable and longer lasting. I am also less anxious and depressed. Dr. Shutt’s professional office and staff are pleasant. It is a safe and healing place for me. I highly recommend Dr. Shutt. She has been a big help to me. I am so blessed to have found her.
— J.T.
After a sedentary day I started to experience severe sciatic pain. Three days later, the pain had not subsided and I had trouble walking. I came to Shut Chiropractic Center and after electrostimulation, a spine adjustment with Dr. Shutt and massage with Chip I started to feel better. Within in 12 hours I felt 85% better. Thanks to the wonderful team at Shutt Chiropractic! Thanks for the great care.
— Nicholas S
Dr. Shutt and her staff are a welcoming, caring group that helped me understand my back issues and gave me exercises and activities I could easily do at home to maintain my alignment and eliminate my pain. How nice to be greeted with a smile and treated so warmly when in pain. That, added to Dr. Shutt’s treatment helped me get better than before with midnight stretches a distant memory. I’m so happy to have met Dr. Shutt and to have entrusted her staff.
— Dave M
As a former non-believer in chiropractic, I am honored and eager to recommend Dr. Shutt! She is amazing and assists areas within the body to perform more consistently well and give one a whole-body makeover for improved health, pain-free existence. Thanks to her!
— Jill M.
Dr. Shutt is a very compassionate and caring chiropractor, as well as extremely knowledgeable and very competent. She keeps me in top notch spinal condition.
— Mary N
Thank God I have had Dr. Shutt in my life for 10 years now. She and her staff are absolutely fabulous.. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
— Gene L
A visit to Dr. Shutt’s Chiropractic Center starts with a cheerful greeting by Lisa, the receptionist. Her friendliness and contagious smile sort of makes you forget why you are there. When you are turned over to Chip, the ever present assistant, the necessary preparations to see Dr. Shutt are professionally rendered. He is also available for a full spectrum of massage therapy, which is quite good at. Before Dr. Shutt begins the procedure, she probes with questions to determine your exact source of discomfort. It is surprising how quickly her hands detect the afflicted area. The relief she provides and the teamwork rendered by her staff contribute to a rewarding visit to Shutt Chiropractic Center.
— John W
Dr. Shutt is truly the best! Her kind and compassionate approach combined with her knowledge has helped me in so many ways.
— Elaine H
I have been treated by Michele for back and butt pain over the years. She has helped immensely, both with chiropractic and acupuncture treatments. The last time I had pain on my right side was two years ago, just before she did acupuncture. I tell everyone about her.
— Joseph F
I was unable to walk, sit or lay, I had so much pain. Dr. Shutt relieved ALL the pain and released two pinched nerves. Within two months I was walking without a walker or cane. I am so grateful for Dr. Shutt’s loving care. Dr. Shutt has taken great care of me and my family.
— Kathy B
Relief at last! Since June 1984 I have had a humming noise in my left ear. It sounds like a compressor. I’ve seen numerous doctors, had two MRIs and no one could help me until I found Dr. Shutt. She is able to get rid of the noise. What a relief! It’s incredible. Whenever it comes back, I call on Dr. Shutt. I can’t thank her enough.
— Maria C.S.
It has been a privilege to know and be in the care of Dr. Shutt for the last four years. I am 68 and have had chiropractic care since I was 20. I can say, unequivocally, that Dr. Shutt has given me the best care of all. In addition, she is a delightful person with a brilliant mind and is right on top of the best in personal care.
— Phyllis M
Just wanted to thank you for seeing Levis first thing this morning! I don’t know if you are aware but your office staff answered the phone last night at 6:20 pm when I called (her computer was off) and scheduled me first thing. Thank You again...he didn’t need to wait any longer as we already let it go a day more than we should have. It’s also nice to know I can call someone I trust!
— Shellie S.